Conférence-débat « L’épreuve du chantier » — Pavillon de l’Arsenal

In February 2016, 22 winning projects from the innovative competition Reinventing Paris were announced. What happended since then? How many are currently been built? How architectural, technical and programmatic innovation stands to legal, administrative and finacial adjustment phase? How is it possible to garanty innovation over time?

Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of town planning, architecture, economic development and competitiveness
Claude Praliaud, APUR urban planning director

Joachim Azan, Novaxia CEO
Christian Gerinte, engineer, Barbanel consultant
Philippe Journo, Compagnie de Phalsbourg President
Michèle Raunet, Partner at Chevreux notaires
Clara Simay, architect
Antoine Viger-Kohler, Architect, TVK

Created and led by Catherine Sabbah, journalist