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Reinventing Paris – Éole-Évangile

The Éole-Évangile Triangle is an enclave at the core of several infrastructures: the RER railway lines and those of the “Petite Ceinture”, and the rue d’Aubervilliers, which links the existing neighbourhoods with the new ZAC Macdonald (Macdonald Planned Development Zone). The site also holds potential in its proximity to the future Grand Paris Express metro network, to the Périphérique (Paris ring road) and to the Parc de la Villette. The project is supported by a large garden that occupies the entire site. A new topography is created through the levelling of the fringes of the site. To the North, the garden connects to the high point of the rue d’Aubervilliers, permitting a continuity with the e xisting public space. To the South it rises to the level of the RER tracks, thereby opening-up distant views. A ground floor level and a garden level form, by the topography, two new layers: the ground floor accommodates recreational, commercial and restaurant spaces. The continuity of these spaces at the heart of the garden reinforces the animation of the plot. The garden level is the communal space of the residences, hotel and offices. It forms the threshold between the public space and the programmes. Four buildings of an identifiable form take support from this base. They accommodate respectively the dwellings, offices, hotel, youth hostel and residences for students and young workers. To build the first ‘zero carbon’ ensemble the large garden and the roofs are mostly planted in deep soil to ensure the retention of rain water. The shapes of the buildings are arranged as to allow a beneficial sunshine, and ensures the circulation of breezes, while affording protection from train noise. The typology of each of the programmes is considered with its possible programme reversibility to assure the longevity of the project.


118 housing units, a 164-unit student residence, a 230-room youth hotel, a 130-room hotel, a 159-young workers residence, shops, sporting facilities, offices, business incubator, public garden, allotments


Paris 19th, France


35,200 m²


Delivered in 2022


TVK (lead architect and urban designer), OLM (landscape architect), Berim (engineer), Carbone 4, AMOES (engineers)


Zero Carbon Objective, City of Paris Plan Climat, HEQ approach


Julien Hourcade

Aerial photo

Christophe Jacquet / Ville de Paris / DU

Team TVK

Aliette Chauchat (project director), Cassandra Roulleau, Felix Tönnis (project managers), Marta Blazquez, Victor Francisco, Amaury Haumont, Pauline Le Fur, Simon Oudiette

Press kit
Projects, Housing, Facilities, Offices, Mixed-use, Reinventing, Built

A large garden covering the whole lot, foundation of the project.

Ground floor plan
Ground floor plan
Typical floor plan
Typical floor plan