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IMGP – Campus Cachan

The spatial and architectural project was built on a dynamic vision of Cachan campus, whose progressive transformation is inherited from the site’s potentialities. Thus, the campus’s open landscape, its extensive vegetation, the ground-plan, and Roger-Henri Expert’s architectures, shape the new project’s structuring fundamentals. The project emphasizes the constitution of high quality exterior spaces, which will support both soft mobility and the campus’s various purposes. To the west, the entrance court has been remodelled and becomes a symbolic space as much as an interface with the town, activated by the renovated gatehouse The Porterie, which serves as a unifying third space.To the east, an ensemble of housing units is installed on the south part of the plot, freeing up an open, a large grassed clearing, a new living space of the campus, and a square that functions in conjunction with the new shops at the eastern entrance. The new buildings suggest many ways of inhabiting the campus.


Innovation pole, third space, 268 free housings, 62 social housing units, garden, public space


Altarea Cogedim with Le Grand Réservoir, One Third, Owwi, GNC


Cachan, France


21,280 m²


1st prize 2017, project in progress


TVK (lead architect and urban designer), OLM (landscape architect), Acadie (territorial strategy consultant), Rotor (reuse), RRA (traffic and mobility consultant), DVTup (participatory approach), Cultures en ville (urban farming), Atec (engineer), Transsolar (environmental consultant), Urban Eco (ecology engineering ), Syntesia (BIM manager), One Park (parking mutualization), EverGreen (mobility), Knot (scooter mobility), Wattmobile (bicycle mobility).



Team TVK

David Enon, Gianluca Mezzanotte (project managers), Flavien Berger, Mathias Deniaud, Lucas Meliani, Pauline Parcollet

Projects, Housing, Facilities, Offices, Mixed-use, Transformations, Reinventing

Europe most important consultation for development, urban design and architecture.

Inventons la métropole du Grand Paris
Season 0: Prefigurations
Season 0: Prefigurations
Season 1: Campus in motion
Season 1: Campus in motion
Season 2: Major changes
Season 2: Major changes
Season 3: Increasing intensity
Season 3: Increasing intensity