Public squares of Greater Paris — Société du Grand Paris

The Société du Grand Paris has assembled a team piloted by TVK to define, in a prospective two-year study, the planning principles of the Greater Paris public spaces. This aims to develop the major planning principles of the transport hubs around the rail stations of Grand Paris Express. These hubs will form Les places du Grand Paris, the public squares of Greater Paris.

TVK (director) is joined by landscape professionals TN+ (co-directors), the agency Ville Ouverte (animation and co-construction methods); environmental agency Franck Boutté Consultants, lighting specialists ON agency, as well as Soline Nivet, who will generate the narratives of the sites. The collective Yes We Camp will intervene as consultant on the collective uses and activation of the public squares. Several experts will participate in the fulfilment of these studies: Etienne Ballan, sociologist, Antoine Fleury, geographer, alongside Géraldine Texier-Rideau, architectural historian.