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Arcueil housing

The two housing project are located on two sites adjacent to the Chaperon Vert estate, whose urban project is led by TVK. Each building distinguishes itself by a strongly differentiated silhouette which reinvents the housing barre typology and proposes an array of exterior interactions through the variety of spaces and their relations with the environment. The work on the building’s stepped profile volumetry in glazed white brick generates long-distance views and offers a distinct shape from the ground, marking the renewal of the district’s image. The two other buildings have variable heights and contrasting shapes: one presents itself as a simple, dark and compact prism while the other draws an elongated, bright and modulated form.


93 social housing and home ownership units


Bouygues Immobilier


Arcueil, France


9,200 m²


15.23 M€ excl. VAT


Delivered in 2013


TVK (lead architect and urban coordinator) , EVP ingénierie (engineering), CFERM (MEP engineer), VPEAS (cos consultant), Ayda (acoustics engineer)


Clément Guillaume


Qualitel H&E profil A, RT 2005 -20%, HEQ process

TVK team

Victor Francisco (project director), Élodie Enard, Valérie Rimbaud (project managers)

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Ground floor plan
Ground floor plan
2nd floor plan
2nd floor plan
The two buildings in the Chaperon Vert urban project (urban designer: TVK)
The two buildings in the Chaperon Vert urban project (urban designer: TVK)