BOZAR lecture

“TVK, the Parisian firm of architects and urbanists, is recognized internationally for having redeveloped the Place de la République in Paris in 2013. Founded in 2003 by Pierre-Alain Trévelo and Antoine Viger-Kohler, TVK concentrates its research on the issues raised by the heritage of modernity, such as the future of large housing developments, the transformation of major infrastructures and architectural types. Following a prospective study on the urban integration of the Paris ring-road, today it is uniting its expertise with that of the Belgian firm Karbon. Thanks to this cooperation, the two firms won the competition to redevelop the area where the E40 enters Brussels, a zone that presents a combination of landscaping, urban and architectural challenges, the first phase of which will be inaugurated in 2016.”


BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Salle M, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels, Belgium