Maine-Montparnasse exhibition — Pavillon de l’Arsenal

The Pavillon de l'Arsenal in Paris launches a new exhibition and presents our project for Maine-Montparnasse. From July 12th to September 1st 2019.

"The Maine-Montparnasse international consultation was launched in March 2018 by the City of Paris and the co-owners association of the Maine-Montparnasse Tower property complex (EITMM) with the intention of reimagining this neighborhood and adapting it to more contemporary usages.

It covers 9 hectares, from Place du 18 juin 1940 (on the side of Rue de Rennes) to Place Raoul-Dautry (on the side of the train station), and from Rue de l’Arrivée to Rue du Départ, the entire stretch of tunnel on the Avenue du Maine, with the possibility of supplementing access to the Jardin Atlantique and Rue du commandant René- Mouchotte to the south.
For each one of the 4 invited international, multidisciplinary teams, composed of specialists in mobility, commerce, green space, and which have been called by the lead architecture and urban planning firms (AUC, TVK, RSHP, UAPS) more is at stake are than simply proposing a new program. It must add aspects of general interest to the existing landscape and transform this “1950-1970s modernist” urban planning into an cityscape that is more consistent with Paris’ urban fabric and better able to meet contemporary climate-related challenges."