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Fluctuat Nec Mergitur Pavilion

In line with the principles adopted in the redevelopment of the Place de la République, the “Fluctuat Nec Mergitur” Pavilion is a perennial building, designed to last. It is scalable and adaptable, but also is a strong presence, opening onto the square. It is the only edifice in the new square. The Pavilion is sited on the southwest part, in line with the reflective pool and the statue de la Republique. It is fully glazed so as not to obscure the view and provides a continuous vista of the square. The pavilion houses a “World & Media” themed café and its entirely modular interior can host a wide variety of festive, social and cultural events and uses in all seasons and all weathers.

The pavilion’s envelope is entirely glazed. The visual impact of its structural assembly is minimal, so as not to perturb the prismatic appearance of the overall volume: the metallic elements are integrated to a maximum and the opening zones are concentrated to create an image of large glazed planes jointed together.

The supporting structure also participates in this self-effacement to achieve transparency: reduced to four small-diameter metallic posts at the corners, it is similar in design to the metallic elements. The roof band is composed of aluminium sheeting whose assemblage  is invisible, with its horizontal and vertical aluminium rigidifying elements following the same rhythm as that of the glazed panels.

The cantilever’s underside is clad with large sheets of perforated aluminium. Echoing the large symmetrical composition of the Place de la République, the space’s interior organisation is dictated by a partition dividing it lengthways into two distinct and symmetrical areas.


Fluctuat Nec Mergitur pavilion (formerly named Monde & Médias): café, lectures


Place de la République, Paris 3th, 10th and 11th, France


162 m²


Delivered in 2013


TVK (building architects), NP2F (interior layout), ARC (engineer), ATEC (engineer), TransSolar (environment consultant)


HEQ approach, Plan Climat Ville de Paris

Team TVK

Victor Francisco (project director), Marta Blazquez, Sophie Euscheler, Vincent Hertenberger, Nicolas Mallet

Projects, Built, Facilities
Ground floor plan
Ground floor plan
Longitudinal and cross sections
Longitudinal and cross sections