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Nice Méridia

The building is a simple unitary volume composed of two parts. The first four levels take up the entire length of the site, while the shorter upper four create a vast eight-metre-deep recess to the south. These volumes are a response to several clear objectives: creating a simple, unique, identifiable silhouette; constructing a singular skyline that clearly demarcates itself from the banal image of the office block providing a space with potentially collective uses in the heart of the building, with a large terrace and distinguishing two different storey plans. This ensemble of urban and architectural arrangements confers on the building its own volumetric identity and a strong, distinctive image.


Office and commercial complex


Nice Méridia, France


6,600 m²


Competition 2015


RT 2012, Cepref -20%, Certification HQE, NF Bâtiment Tertiaire, Référentiel 2011RT 2012, Cepref -20%, Certification HQE, NF Bâtiment Tertiaire, Référentiel 2011


TVK (lead architect and urban designer), Atelier François Navarro (landscape architect), Franck Boutté (environmental consultant)

Team TVK

Victor Francisco (project director), Gianluca Mezzanotte (project manager), François Ricros

Projects, Offices
Ground floor plan
Ground floor plan
Typical floor plan
Typical floor plan