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Brussels Goujons

The current building, located in the commune of Anderlecht in Brussels, stems from a project elaborated at the end of the sixties. The edifice, which is 19 floors height, 95 meters long, is characterised by a linear plan with one inflection. In the occupied site, the project consists in the replacement of existing end-of-life balconies by a continuous loggia, spinning all around the edifice.

This new layer of exterior spaces forms a structure in precast concrete, which offers space, new uses and a new identity to this notable edifice in the Brussels landscape, visible from the train approaching Gare du Midi rail station. In addition to this, the whole set of facades is renovated and the accommodations reorganised. This structure follows a peculiar geometry: a fold that varies from floor to floor. This composition creates a progressively diminishing upwards weave. Thus, departing from a broken line below, the loggia restores a parallel geometry on the upper facade. This vertical progression enhances the significant height of the building.


Renovation of a 351 dwellings’ building on an occupied site


Brussels, Belgium


34,200 m²


Studies in progress


KARBON’ (lead architect), TVK (associated architect), STOFFEL (structural engineer), APLUS Concept Eureca (MEP engineer)


Séverin Malaud, Maud Faivre (construction site), Julien Hourcade (Winter’s construction site)

Team TVK

Victor Francisco (project director), Cassandra Roulleau, Felix Tönnis (project managers)

Projects, Housing, Transformations
Existing floor plan.
Existing floor plan.
Renovated floor plan.
Renovated floor plan.
Existing building’s section
Existing building’s section
Renovated building’s section
Renovated building’s section