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Rising up around a space that features a courtyard garden, the building is an integral part of a concerted aim to ensure harmony among the various structures. In addition to respecting construction regulations on height and thickness in the group of lots, a consensus was reached to coordinate architectural components around three shared choices, namely concrete as the main material, light shades of color, and façades with alternating elements. The project is eye-catching thanks to the unconventional rhythm of the doors and windows in the façades and the pared-down style of the openings. The whole thrust of the design centers on windows. The overall effect – surprising and precise – is reinforced by the treatment of the balconies. The shape of the building, determined by the morphology of the site, influenced the layout of the housing units, which open onto the outside through very large windows, thus enhancing comfort and livability. Unpainted metal was selected to cover the window and door frames and was used for the other exterior finishings. The materials have been worked to create a poetic atmosphere in the garden, capturing the changing daylight and reflections from trees while throwing into relief the geometry of the building.


91 housing units


Boulogne, France


5,400 m²


Delivered in 2016


TVK (lead architect), SNC Lavalin (engineer)


H&E profil A, BBC, HEQ approach

Team TVK

Sophie Euscheler, Victor Francisco (project directors), Stefano De Marchi, Béranger Marinot, Matteo Vigano (siteworks supervision)

Housing, Projects, Built
Ground floor plan
Ground floor plan
5th floor plan
5th floor plan