TVK is an international office of architecture and urban design, created by Pierre Alain Trévelo and Antoine Viger-Kohler in Paris in 2003. Trained in Paris and at Harvard and involved in teaching from the outset, they together pursue an approach where theory and practice mutually respond to and enrich each other. Through projects, research and writing they have steadily produced a singular œuvre, at once theoretical and built. Their aim is to capture the complexity and the paradoxical character of the contemporary earthly situation, in order to contribute to making it habitable and desirable.  

Since its creation, TVK has acquired a strong reputation, ranking among the most recognised French agencies, and as having a singular approach among international agencies. Effectively, TVK owes its specificity to the combination of two approaches.
On the one hand, TVK produces an essential architecture, in which space, geometry and building are the key elements. The projects are both direct and rooted in the theory and history of architecture. On the other hand, TVK conducts strategic research on the major themes conditioning the design of the planet. This research is open, collective and allows the inclusion of the complexity and instability of the most urgent issues. TVK represents the synthesis of this double approach, both essentialist and open, thereby engaging in works at all levels, from furniture to land, from the edifice to the planet.

 Employing about 40 people, TVK has achieved French recognition from its beggining, notably with the Palmarès des Jeunes Urbanistes in 2005 and the Nouveaux Albums des Jeunes Architectes in 2006, then international with the redevelopment of Place de la République in Paris in 2013, the transformation of E40 highway in Brussels or the redevelopment of Lausanne train station square in Switzerland. TVK took part in the Scientific council of the Atelier International du Grand Paris (Greater Paris) until 2016, leads large scale urban projects and builds architecture throughout France. The office currently leads L'Atelier des Places du Grand Paris (Greater Paris public squares atelier).

Prizes & awards

• Défis urbains — 1st prize urban landscape (Deschamps sequence in Angéliques' park, Garonne Eiffel urban project, Bordeaux Floirac)
• Futurs possibles Prize 2014 — Shortlisted projects (Garonne Eiffel urban project, Bordeaux Floirac + Porte Pouchet urban project)
• European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014 — Shortlisted (Place de la République, Paris)
• Le Moniteur Urban Design Prize 2013 — Shortlisted (Place de la République, Paris)
• Member of the Scientific Council — Atelier International du Grand Paris since 2012
• Energy Prize 2008, Concours du Grand Prix de l’Environnement — Association du Grand Prix de l’Environnement ( "Zero Energy" school complex, Arcueil)
• Social housing quality award 2008, Conseil Général du Val de Marne — (58 intermediate housing units, Valenton)
• Nouveaux Albums des Jeunes Architectes [Young architects award] 2006 — Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
• Palmarès des Jeunes Urbanistes [Young urban designers award] 2005 — Ministère de l’Écologie, du Développement Durable, des Transports et du Logement

Pierre Alain Trévelo
• Fulbright Grant 2004, Franco-American Fulbright Commission
• Arthur Sachs Scholarship Fund 2004, Fondation Arthur Sachs
• Harvard French Scholarship Fund 2003, HFSF
• Delano and Adrich/Emerson Fellowship 2003, Académie d’Architecture et American Institute of Architects (AIA)


Pierre Alain Trévelo
Born in 1973 in Gap (FR)
Architect DPLG – ENSAVT Marne-la-Vallée
MDesS '04 – Master in Design Studies – Harvard Graduate School of Design 2004
Professor at ENSAVT Marne-la-Vallée from 2003 to 2015
Professor at Sciences Po Paris Urban Design Master from 2006 to 2012
Greater Paris Scientific Council Member since 2012

Antoine Viger-Kohler
Born in 1973 in Strasbourg (FR)
Architecte DPLG – ENSAVT Marne-la-Vallée
Professor at ENSA Normandie since 2008
Professor at ENSAVT Marne-la-Vallée from 2006 to 2009
Greater Paris Scientific Council Member since 2012


Mariama Alake (FR) — architect
Rodrigo Apolaya (PE) — architect
Antoine Bertaudière (FR) — graphic designer
Marta Blàzquez de Miguel (ES) — architect
Alexandre Bullier (FR) — architect & urban designer, director
Loïc Cendrier (FR)  — architect & urban designer, director
Aliette Chauchat (FR) — architect, director
Mathias Deniaud (FR) — architect
Caroline Desile (FR) — architect & urban designer, director
Cynthia Dimitrov-Malinov (FR) — assistant
David Enon (FR) — architect & urban designer
Sophie Euscheler (FR) — architect, director
Victor Francisco (FR) — architect, construction director
Diane Gobillard (FR) — architect & urban designer
Emmanuelle Halbout (FR) — architect & urban designer
Amaury Haumont (FR) — 3D designer
Thomas Havet (FR) — architect
Vincent Hertenberger (FR) — architect & urban designer, public spaces director
Hee-Won Jung (KR) — architect & urban designer
Irati Lasa Amo (ES) — architect
Agathe Lavielle (FR) — architect & urban designer
Pauline Le Fur (FR) — architect
Marie-Frédérique Le Penven (FR) — architect
Clément Masurier (FR) — architect
Lucas Meliani (FR) — architect & urban designer
Gianluca Mezzanotte (IT) — architect
Gemma Milà Cartañá (ES) — architect & urban designer
Rachida Moussaïd (FR) — office manager
Pauline Parcollet (FR) — architect & urban designer
Hortense Prot (FR) — architect
Océane Ragoucy (FR) — architect, director of strategies, R&D
Cassandra Roulleau (FR) — architect
Sarah Sauton (FR) — architect & urban designer, director
Felix Tönnis (DE) — architect
Erik Vallauri (IT) — architect
Marion Vanel (FR) — architect & urban designer


Théo Gueroux (FR)
Jihana Nassif (BR)
Elise Rambaud (FR)

Since 2003

Joffrey About (FR), Rim Alaoui (MA), Marina Amaral (BR), Raja Asswad (SY), Delphine Auvin (FR), Alice Auvray (FR), Théodore Badia-Berger (FR), Guillaume Baillard (FR), Sarra Bakail (DZ), Camille Baradat (FR), Clément Barbier (FR), Thibault Barrault (FR), Jérôme Barrios-Lacoma (FR), Roxane Barruet (FR), Simon Bauchet (FR), Sophie Bayce (FR), Irène Béhar (FR), Mariane Benard (FR), Mathieu Bernardin (FR), Samantha Berto (IT), Bagrena Blagoeva (MD), Steeve Bebrah (FR), Clara Bombled (FR), Candice Bonanni (FR), Manon Bonicel (FR), Eva Borges (FR), Xavière Bouchacourt (FR), Agnieska Broda (PL), Jean Camuzet (FR), Stéphane Carnuccini (FR), Léonard Cattoni (FR), Charlène Cosson (FR), Hélène Coussedière (FR), Arnaud Coutine (FR), César Daoud (LB-FR), Eva Davila (FR), Aline Davola (BR), Marine Delouvrier (FR), Stefano De Marchi (IT), Camille Derippe (FR), François Dhalleine (FR), Mariona Domenech Cardona (ES), Laurent Duboisset (FR), Simon Duhameaux (FR), Valérie Dumont (FR), Valentine Dupuyds (FR), Loubna El Amrani (FR), Nora El Ouadghiri (FR), Élodie Enard (FR), Aurélie Estorge (FR), Élodie Faye (FR), Ana Claudia Fernandes Maciel (BR), Louis Florentin (FR), Benedetta Frati (IT), Céline Frattesi (FR), Héloïse Gailing (FR), Romain Gardin (FR),  Valentina Garibotti (FR), Gianluca Gaudenzi (IT), Caroline Gelos (FR), Ophélie Gherram (FR), Charles Gibault (FR), Philippine Gilbert (FR), Olivier Giraudo (FR), Aurélie Godin (FR), Juliette Hennequin (FR), Anna Heral (FR), Pierre Aimé Herfeld (FR), Amine Ibnolmobarak (MA), Deniz Ince (FR), Jean-Baptiste Jacquel (FR), Julien Jacquot (FR), Maïna Jean-Marie (FR), Marion Jeannerat (FR), Dia Kaliabetsos (FR), Laure Khayat (FR), Alice Lagouge (FR), Rozenn Lagrée (FR), Myriam Lamouni (MA), Alice Lancien (FR), Alice Lapierre (FR), Sophie Laplace (FR), Louis Laulanne (FR), Agathe Lavielle (FR), Camille Le Bivic (FR), Thomas Lecoeur (FR), Emmanuelle Levêque (FR), Carola Livio (IT), Nadine Lizotte (CA), Nicolas Mallet (FR), Tomaso Mani (IT), Richard Manier (FR), Bérenger Marinot (FR), Gabrielle Mathias (FR), Johannes Meinzer (DE), Alexandra Menard (FR), Ségolène Merlin-Raynaud (FR), Juliane Miani (FR-USA), Gemma Milà Cartañá (ES), Elsa Milly (FR), Elisabetta Mini (CH), Chiara Molinar (IT), Carmen Montejo (ES), Adrien Moreau (FR), Caspar Muschalek (DE), Anaïs Nicolas (FR), Elsa Nougues (FR), Damien Ollivier (FR), Simon Oudiette (FR), Marine Patey (FR), Jean-Christophe Poirier (FR), Alessandro delli Ponti (IT), Fanny Puget (FR), Vann-Kiryvann Rath (FR), Julissa Raygada (PE), Guillaume Richaud (FR), François Ricros (FR), Valérie Rimbaud (FR), Maxime Rispal (FR), Elisa Rivella (FR), Alice Rolfe (FR), Charline Rollet (FR), Félix Roy (FR), Thomas Royer (FR), Céline Salomon (FR), Géraldine Same (FR), Elodie Sedami (BE), Audrey Solens (FR), Verdiana Spicciarelli (IT), Lara Steiner (USA-FR), Stéphanie Stihle (FR), Martin Styring (FR), Marie Taveau (FR), Muriel Teguel (FR), Martyna Tetera (DE), Sara Tomassini (IT), Damien Trescartes (FR), Alice Vaillant (FR), Alice Villatte (FR), Simon Vincent (FR), Timéa Vancsa (FR-RO), Raphaël Videcoq (FR), Susanne Vogel (DE), Taoyu Wang (TH), Lenk Wuthiwongthanak (TH), Sophiana Zenouda (FR), Jiawei Zheng (CN), Sarah Ziani (FR), Jonathan Zwygart (CH)