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On the outskirts of the Saint-Jean station, the project is part of a larger operation comprising four plots on the edge of the Jardin de Brascassat, which will be redeveloped and extended. By its position, its shape and its programmatic mix, the project plays a singular role within the block. Acting as an articulation and junction, it integrates into its base the programme elements (car parks and common concierge service) linked to the uses of the adjoining office and residential buildings. This federating base is topped by a large garden planted with trees, creating an intense relationship with the park. Its U-shaped plan and the way it is spread out make it possible to take advantage of the sunshine but also to offer large collective terraces overlooking the park landscape. The materials and the modenature of the facades refer to the architecture of Bordeaux, characterised by the predominance of blonde stone. The location of the dwellings organises and defines the variations of the structural framework in mass-coloured concrete. Windows, loggias, balconies, posts, bands, blinds… opportunely reveal the immediate landscape in which the building is set.

Particular attention has also been paid to the design of the locks and joinery, which take up the elements of the historical heritage (proportions, design of the railings and metal trellises); their colour (blue-grey) is directly inspired by the structure of the nearby Gare Saint-Jean station hall.


141 housing units (social, social ownership, privately owned), 3 business units, a car park shared by the development project (housing and business)




Bordeaux, France


Housing units : 10,750 sq.m ; Business : 350 sq.m


Project in progress


TVK (architectes mandataires)


Certification NF HABITAT HQE 9 étoiles

Team TVK

Loïc Cendrier (project director)

Housing, Mixed-use
Ground floor plan
Ground floor plan
Second floor plan
Second floor plan
Eighth floor plan
Eighth floor plan