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Of Sand and Stones book

Using excerpts from texts by Gaston Bachelard, Reyner Banham, Laurence Cossé, Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari, Marguerite Duras, Jean-Claude Gall, André Gide, André Guilerme, Jean-Yves Jouannais, Maylis de Kerangal, Pierre Reverdy, Marie Richeux, Robert Smithson, Vitruve, Émile With and Marguerite Yourcenar, photographies by Julien Hourcade and drawings by TVK and Tolila+Gilliland, Of Sand and Stones explores the imaginary of matter in the construction of a mixed-use block (cinema, cultural centre, community centre, theatre, dance hall, housing, shops and garden), built with naturally coloured concrete in the Clichy-Batignolles district of Paris between 2013 and 2018.


Of Sand and Stones


TVK, Tolila+Gilliland


TVK, Tolila+Gilliland


Julien Hourcade

Graphic design

Julien Hourcade

Editorial direction

Océane Ragoucy


Gwendal Curien, Armelle Le Mouëllic, Fanny Maurel, Juliette Schwartz, Tania Sediame et Charlotte Villiot


Rue du Bouquet



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This journey into the construction of a building in Paris by the architects TVK and Tolila+Gilliland offers an alternate vision of architecture and time, spanning landscape and earth, drawing, geometry, craft and construction in a format that recounts the material and cultural stories entangled in the project, through drawing, photography and literature.