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Garonne-Eiffel Bordeaux

For historical and geographic reasons, the old stone city of Bordeaux was built in the west, on the left bank of the Garonne, with the plain to the west and the plateau to the east, protecting against flooding and invasions. As a result, the right bank still has unexploited potential.

The aim of the Garonne Eiffel project is to create a constructed and strongly characterised landscape, which complements the old stone city with an additional riverside band of landscaped greenery and infrastructure. This transformation process is based on the powerful multiplicity of the existing site. Through its conjunction with the infrastructure, it is nature that determines the site and which provides an ecological reservoir of biodiversity, a unifying plane and a link between scales.


Garonne-Eiffel master plan and project management of public spaces


Bordeaux, Bègles, Floirac (33), France


150 ha


Studies in progress


TVK, Pascal Cribier et Patrick Ecoutin, Ingerop, Tribu, Sémaphores


Winner of the Équerre d’Argent 2022 – “Public and landscaped spaces” category for the Suzanne Lenglen sports garden


Julien Hourcade

Team TVK

Vincent Hertenberger (project manager), Stella Armeli Iapichino, Alexandre Bullier, Léonard Cattoni, Lucie Euvrard, Juliette Gonnin, Hee-Won Jung, Agathe Lavielle, Camille Le Bivic, Emmanuelle Lévêque, Gemma Mila, Pauline Parcollet, Verdiana Spiciarelli, Sarah Sauton

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