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Biennale di Venezia 2021 Exhibition

The piece The Earth is an Architecture is the product of a fundamental research, conducted by TVK since 2015. As architects, we are now exploring new representations to reflect the continuous reshaping of the Earth, highlighted by current research on living matter. After being flat, then a sphere, today the Earth is an architecture. 

Within this vision, this “fictional Earth” is exploring the concept of infrastructure as a mediation between humanity and the Earth. Infrastructures do not colonize the ground but create liveable commons. They allow societies to inhabit the planet by anchoring themselves in its geological, biological and geographical history. Inspired by realistic situations, the piece presents a diversity of infrastructural archetypes arranged into fictional continents. It tells the story of lines, surfaces, volumes, fragments, that build together a set of archipelagos. The transformations they generate on the ground are registered in the geological layers represented in their three dimensions.

This “situated manifesto” opens the horizon for new architectural fictions. It invites us to take the measure of planetary dynamics at work and to participate in the perpetual construction site shared by earthly matters and living beings.




Biennale di Venezia


Hashim Sarkis

Team TVK

Armelle Le Mouëllic, David Malaud, Sarah Sauton, Océane Ragoucy (project directors), Antoine Bertaudière, Carole Chevalier, Victor Francisco, Michele Franzoi, Amaury Haumont, Pauline Le Fur, Michael Loconte, Clément Masurier, Fanny Maurel, Mathieu Mercuriali, Gianluca Mezzanotte, Stela Moceanu, Jihana Nassif, Maider Papandinas, Jil Philippot, Raphaël Videcoq, Antoine Viney

3D modelling

Arnaud Prat, Guillaume Seyller


Laurian Ghinitoiu and Julien Hourcade


La Terre a été plate, puis ronde. Maintenant, la Terre est une architecture.