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Club Med La Caravelle

Situated on Grande Terre, at Sainte-Anne in Guadeloupe, the La Caravelle Club Med is installed in an outstanding place: next to the island’s loveliest beach, looking out at the Caribbean Sea. To preserve the wooded hill overlooking the sea, the luxury villas project is being developed on just one part of the available land. A compact mass plan, with converging roofs and exploded volumes guiding the eye towards the sea. Pedestrian thoroughfares are encouraged: they connect the site to the holiday village and its activities.

The design of the villas is the outcome of  an approach involving integration, inspired by the local architecture. The typical Guadaloupe dwelling is noteworthy for its approach to comfort. When wind, rain and sun alternate, the villas offer shelter and openness. They propose a diverse range of high-quality areas; gallery,  verandah, terrace. The project draws inspiration from the great simplicity of Caribbean forms and materials: wood for the façades, concrete for the basement, metal for the roofs. Blinds cover the windows and filter the light.

In this way the villas are part of an environmentally discreet approach, in coherence with a respect for ubiquitous nature.


Extension and re-organization of the La Caravelle Club Med (22 villas, 28 housing units, spa and pool)


Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe, France


6,468 m²


2007-2008 canceled project


TVK (lead architect and urban designer), Guez Caraïbes (engineer)

Team TVK

Vincent Hertenberger, Marie Taveau (project directors), Felix Tönnis, Aliette Chauchat, Victor Francisco (project managers)

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Ground floor plan
Ground floor plan
1st floor plan
1st floor plan